What is Civil Litigation

Any argument over money

Roy H. Gordon Law specializes in civil litigation, which involves a disagreement between two or more parties who are arguing over money damages or specific performance (i.e. one party believes another party should do something or refrain from doing something).  Civil litigation covers a broad spectrum of law including personal injury, breach of contract, fraud, medical malpractice, wrongful termination, wrongful death, etc.  

Although civil law and criminal law are completely separate bodies of law, many criminal actions have a civil claim counterpart.  For example, the civl claim for theft is called conversion. A person can be charged with both the criminal complaint and the corresponding civil claim for the same action. Therefore, if someone has committed a criminal action against you, you may be able to seek civil damages (money damages) against them along with pressing criminal charges. If you think you may have a civil case against someone, contact Roy H. Gordon Law to get the compensation you deserve.

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